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About Amirah

Amirah Najullah Uhuru, also known as the "Caveat Griot," is born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, the youngest of three daughters. At a young age Amirah learned the importance of community and being involved, she did Girl Scouts of America, horseback riding at the Latta Plantation, track and field, and Delta Academy, In June of 2007 Amirah graduated from Harding University High School where she studied the college prep International Baccalaureate curriculum. It was then that Amirah discovered her passion for acting and movies.  Following her grammar school education Amirah attended Howard University in Washington, DC where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production in May of 2012. Amirah enjoys photography, creative writing, gardening, reading, video games, cooking, sightseeing, watching sports, and the metaphysical. Amirah loves animals, nature, and spirituality in general. In addition to having aspirations to be an actress and a model Amirah also aspires to be an entrepreneur in the nonprofit sector. As the old folks say "God takes care of fools and babies."